A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Secret Theatre
LIC, NY 11101


Richard Mazda

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For the 4th year in a row, Secret Theatre Musicals is bringing back the holiday favorite A Charlie Brown Christmas.    This iconic holiday favorite is based on the cartoon and feature’s Vince Guaraldi’s jazz-tinged score and of course ‘Christmas Time is Here’.  There are 16 performances over the holiday period with a break for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day [26], New Year’s Eve and 30th & 1st Jan ’20. Performances are from December 19th and the production ends on January.     

The show is wonderfully warm, cute and funny and only about 40mins long!  Plenty of time to get to your social events after the show.

Shorter rehearsal period than most shows due to the length of the show. 

Auditions on Nov 4th from 6 pm by appointment with possible callbacks on Nov 5th

CHARLIE BROWN – Searching for the real meaning of Christmas our downtrodden hero eventually gets the entire Peanuts gang to see that Christmas’s deeper significance is in kindness.

SNOOPY – age range 18 – 40. [All genders] Charlie Brown’s pet beagle. Energetic. Skill at improvisation important. A physical comedy role, no lines but a lot of stage time.

LUCY – Linus’ older sister. Smart, bossy, a know-it-all. Crushing hard on Schroeder.

LINUS – Charlie Brown’s blanket-carrying best friend, Lucy’s little brother and Sally’s unwilling paramour. The philosopher of the gang. 

SALLY – Charlie Brown’s little sister, the youngest of the group.  Huge crush on Linus.

SCHROEDER – A piano prodigy (piano skills not required), Lucy’s love interest; loves Beethoven.

PIG PEN –  Hygienically-challenge, has a cloud of dust that follows him, around but a heart of gold. 

FRIEDA – Frieda has a ton of attitude and a head of curly hair.

VIOLET – Friend to Lucy and Patty. a little bossy boots!

PATTY – The original “Patty”; not Peppermint Patty. Friend to Lucy and Violet. 

SHERMY – Friend to Charlie Brown. 


December 19, 2019 – January 4, 2020


Equity Showcase





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