Brave New Works 2020 – Atlanta GA EPA

Theater Emory
Atlanta, GA

Job Details


Call Type: EPA

Each reading contracted separately under the SPT Staged Reading Rider. By special arrangement with Equity, Producer will pay $500 weekly and will make health contributions on behalf of each member.

Playwrights: Josh Wilder (expected to attend),
Kimberly Belflower (expected to attend), Julia Byrne
Directors: Samantha Provenzano (expected to attend), Jamil Jude

Artistic Director of Theater Emory: Brent Glenn Director of Theater Emory Playwriting Center: Lisa Paulsen
Casting Coordinator: Robert Schultz (expected to attend)

Rehearsals for THE USE OF WILDFLOWERS and THE HANDS THAT COULD begin Jan. 27, 2020. Reading Performances are as follows: WILDFLOWERS – Jan. 31 at 7:30pm; HANDS – Feb. 1 at 2:00pm

Rehearsals for DAY begin on Feb. 10, 2020. The Reading Performance is Feb. 14 at 7:30pm.

Note: Local Atlanta/North Georgia area actors are strongly encouraged to audition. sionals.html

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Actors (m/f) for roles in three staged readings. See Breakdown for character descriptions.


The Use of Wildflowers,
by Kimberly Belflower.
Director- Samantha Provenzano

1934. Lena Clark lives in the backwoods of Appalachian Tennessee with her depressed mother and brilliant but oppressive father. When the family falls on harder times than usual, fourteen-year-old Lena is sent to work in a new factory, hand-painting dishes with other young girls. Away from home for the first time, Lena begins to discover a self and a life she didn’t know was possible. A queer coming- of-age play. A father/daughter play. A play with folk music.

Meaders Clark: Male, any ethnicity, early to late 40s. Lena’s father. A myth of a man. A mountain. A born storyteller and charismatic presence who can wrap any audience around his finger. Can turn on a dime between charm and danger, brilliance and destruction.

Betty Clark: Female, any ethnicity, late 30s to early 40s. Lena’s mother. Depressed, and without the vocabulary or tools to even name that, let alone deal with it. She wanted to be and do a lot of things; she became and did none of them. But there’s a little fight left in her yet.

(The non-paying roles of Lena Clark, Bonnie, Ailene, and Charles are already cast with student actors.)

Lena Clark (CAST): Female, any ethnicity, 14-17. A gifted and sensitive artist, and also a scrappy mountain girl with hard-won toughness. Filled with deep, complicated longing that she’s only beginning to access and articulate. Capable of startling stillness. She had no idea the world was this big, and she’s taking it all in.

Bonnie (CAST): Female, any ethnicity, 14-17. A precocious, ambitious ray of sunshine. Even when she’s a little bratty, there’s a charm and a sweetness to her — but never a ditziness. She’s seen and weathered a lot in her young life, and she’s done it alone.

Ailene (CAST): Female, any ethnicity, 16-18. Gossipy teenage mother hen type. Not afraid to show some tough love. A good worker. A good friend.

Charles (CAST): Male, Caucasian, 22-27. Competent and duty-driven. A bit of a milquetoast, but kind and sincere.

The Hands That Could,
by Josh Wilder.
Director- Jamil Jude

Released from prison on the eve of his 25th birthday, Marty returns home to his family in South Philly, equipped with a handwritten manuscript and big dreams to turn his life around. But his cousin Junior has also come home with problems of his own, setting them on a collision course as they struggle to break free of the curse that has haunted their family for generations. Can Marty put his hands to good use, or is his fate already written?

Mike Money- Male, 50’s, African-American. Marty’s father, Junior’s Uncle, a man with a lot of demons, a big heart, and a bit of foul mouth.

Nick- Male, 40’s, African-American. An Army vet with a heart condition, little brother to Mike Money, a bit of a foul mouth.

Neet- Female, late 40’s, African-American. Head of the safe house, no-nonsense woman, a bit of a foul mouth. Little sister to Mike Money and Tan, big sister to Nick, Mom to Junior, Aunt to Marty.

Tan- Female, 50’s, African-American. A saved woman and a bit of a foul mouth. Big sister to Mike, Neet, and Nick. Aunt to Marty and Nick. Must sing.

(The non-paying roles of Marty and Junior are already cast with student actors.)

Marty (CAST) – Male, 25, African-American. Recently released from prison. Junior (CAST) – Male, 21, African-American. Recently released from college.

Day, by Julia Byrne.
Director- TBA

Day takes place where both divinity and science are tangible. It is about how sacrifice must be questioned, love requires humility and growth, and even absolute knowledge must have room for exploration. Though all the characters are involved deeply in either familial or romantic love, the play hinges on the need for personal knowledge and efficacy to make those relationships healthy.

Kestra- Female, late 30s – early 50s, any ethnicity. Loving, manipulative mother of Anteros. Composed always. Not mortal. She regards humans as valuable but disposable resources.

(The non-paying roles of Jane and Anteros are already cast with student actors.)

Jane (CAST) – Female, late 20s, any ethnicity. Astronomer and brilliant woman. Understandably, bitter. Mortal.

Anteros (CAST) – Male, late 20s, any ethnicity. A man with massive wings, a bow and arrows, and a mask. Not mortal.

Send email to If no email access, call Meghan Truhett at 404-727 -5323. Email preferred.



Audition Information


Theater Emory Administrative Offices Emory University
Rich Memorial Building
1602 Fishburne Dr

Atlanta, GA 30322

Second floor, room 205. Parking in Fishburne Parking Deck.

Saturday, November 9, 2019
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Lunch 1:00-2:00. Equity Members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition day, as time permits.


Prepare a contemporary monologue of one to two minutes in length. Actors will also read from sides to be provided at the audition and available at the theater and online in advance. Please bring two pictures and resumes, stapled together.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult