Props Coordinator, Supervisor, Designer, Or Artisan

The Drama League of New York
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Props Coordinator, Supervisor, Designer, Or Artisan

Category:  Design, Technical


The Drama League seeks a Props Coordinator for DirectorFest 2020. 

Position Reports to:  Production Manager, Scenic Designer



– The Drama League’s DirectorFest is a multi-week, city-wide festival focusing on the art of contemporary stage directing. The festival includes five fully-staged new productions, the American premiere of an immersive Bulgarian show, a concert of a new musical-in-progress, discussion panels, workshops, and conversations with America’s most notable directors.

– Design and design-adjacent positions will focus solely on the five staged productions (1 musical and 4 plays), which perform in the New Ohio Theatre in the West Village. While each play has its own director, cast, and stage manager, the Festival has ONE team of designers and production staff working on all five shows. 

– Each show has 2 weeks of rehearsal, 3 half-days of tech, and 3 performances (+1 for the musical); the musical performs alone, and the plays are on double-bills. 



– This position is considered to be part of the Design Team for DirectorFest 2020, and will receive compensation and billing parity with the Scenic, Costume, Lighting, and Sound Designers. This position will also be expected to attend Design and Production Meetings.

– We will ultimately hire a head Props Coordinator and Props Associate, or a Props “Team” — a duo to divide the duties so every show gets what it needs. In consultation with the PM and Artistic Producer, this hire may hire their own partner/associate and dictate how the work is divided.  

– It is unlikely that there will be any “designed” or built props, but it is possible. Most properties will be sourced (purchased, rented, borrowed, and Macgyvered). Therefore, this position’s job title is open for discussion: Props Coordinator, Props Supervisor, Props Designer, Props Artisan – they are all on the table.

– We are looking for artists who are collaborative in spirit and creative in execution, with a passion (and the patience) for guiding and mentoring early-career directors. 

– We need Designers who can think about the Festival wholistically — not just show by show — who have a knack for creating designs with the physical space (and its limitations) in mind. 

– Designers with festival experience is preferred but not essential.

– Candidates for this position will be interviewed by Production Manager Kate Holland, and supervised by Scenic Designer Cate McCrea.



– Design Meeting #2 is currently underway

– Week of November 18: Design Meeting #3 and Production Meeting #1 — scenic design is approved and finalized

– Week of December 9: Production Meeting #2

– December 16 or 17: Production Meeting #3

– January 3: Designer Run and Production Meeting – Musical only

– January 5: Load into the New Ohio Theatre

– January 7-9:  Tech – Musical

– January 10-12:  Performances – Musical

– January 17:  Designer Run and Production Meeting – A/B Plays only

– January 21-23:  Tech – A/B Plays

– January 24-25:  Performances – A/B Plays

– January 24:  Designer Run and Production Meeting – C/D Plays only

– January 28-30:  Tech – C/D Plays

– Jan. 31 – Feb. 1:  Performances – C/D Plays

– February 2:  Final strike

The full rehearsal & performance calendar is available upon request.  



– $2,600 budgeted as compensation for both Props positions ($2,000 for head and $600 for Associate, or $1,300 each for a Props Team, or some other variant)  

– Props budget is $2,500 for all five shows.  


Interviews are being held immediately to allow for the Props Coordinator to participate in ongoing Design Meetings in advance of pre-production in December and the festival itself in January 2020.

To apply, please submit a resume and 2-3 references to Kate Holland, Production Manager, at [email protected]  Please include DIRECTORFEST – PROPS in the subject line.

The Drama League is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). We are committed to diversity in all areas of our work, on and offstage. We encourage applicants with a unique cultural perspective inclusive of race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, class, physical ability, and sexual orientation.



November 11, 2019 – February 2, 2020



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