Dr. Faustus

The Secret Theatre
Long Island City, NY 11101

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This ensemble-based production of The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus will utilize all performers throughout the production. A majority of the cast will portray 3-6 roles each. Due to playing multiple roles, ages are flexible.   The show will run for 11 performances over 2 weeks. Rehearsals start almost immediately at the beginning of November.

ALL ROLES are open to women and men.
ALL ETHNICITIES are encouraged to audition.

AUDITION MATERIALS Prepare a 1-minute dramatic classical monologue of your choosing. If you would like to be considered for Robin, Dick, Horse-courser, and Carter (the clowns) please prepare an additional 30-second comedic monologue.


Faustus (30-40 yrs old) – Faustus is a brilliant scholar from Wittenberg, Germany, whose ambition for knowledge, wealth, and worldly might makes him willing to pay the ultimate price—his soul—to Lucifer in exchange for supernatural powers.

Mephistophilis – A devil whom Faustus summons with his initial magical experiments. Mephastophilis’s motivations are ambiguous: on the one hand, his oft-expressed goal is to catch Faustus’s soul and carry it off to hell; on the other hand, he actively attempts to dissuade Faustus from making a deal with Lucifer by warning him about the horrors of hell.

Good Angel
– A spirit that urges Faustus to repent for his pact with Lucifer and return to God.

Bad Angel
– A spirit that serves as the counterpart to the good angel and provides Faustus with reasons not to repent for sins against God.

(Age 40’s +) –  The King of devils, the ruler of hell, and Mephastophilis’s master. Has a hard edge look with

– A prince of hell and Servant to Lucifer.

(Age 20’s) –  Faustus’s servant. Wagner uses his master’s books to learn how to summon devils and work magic.

Valdes And Cornelius
– Two friends of Faustus, both magicians, who teach him the art of black magic.

The Scholars
– Faustus’s loyal colleagues at the University of Wittenberg.

The Pope
– The head of the Roman Catholic Church and a powerful political figure in Europe.

Emperor Charles V
– The most powerful monarch in Europe.  

– A candidate for the papacy, supported by the emperor. Bruno is captured by the pope and freed by Faustus.

– The King of Hungary and ally to the Pope.   Duke of Anholt – A German nobleman whom Faustus visits.

Martino And Frederick
– Friends of Benvolio who reluctantly join his attempt to kill Faustus.

–  A German nobleman at the emperor’s court. He is skeptical of Faustus’s power and seeks revenge on Faustus and plans to murder him.

–  A clown who becomes Wagner’s servant. The clown’s antics provide comic relief; he is a ridiculous character whose absurdity initially contrasts with Faustus’s grandeur.

–  A friend of Robin providing additional comic relief.

  – An ostler, or innkeeper, who, like the clown, provides a comic contrast to Faustus.

– A horse-trader who buys a horse from Faustus, which vanishes after the horse-courser rides it into the water, leading him to seek revenge.

Old Man
–  An enigmatic figure who appears in the final scene. The old man urges Faustus to repent and to ask God for mercy.
Additional Roles: Cardinals, Bishops, Archbishop, Attendants, Vinter, Soldiers,


December 5, 2019 – December 15, 2019


Equity Showcase





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