House Crew Head A/V

Artis Naples
Naples, FL 34108

Job Details


Summary Responsible for all theatrical A/V (video & projection) equipment including cameras, monitors, projectors & projection screens, cabling, switchers & controllers, etc. as well as care and maintenance of above.    Supervises Local Union Extra Crew and House Crew Assistants, when appropriate.   Essential Duties & Responsibilities (other duties may be added) • Ensure the safety of all crew, performers, staff and audience members in relation to production A/V. • Hang and focus cameras, projectors and screens as directed by visiting and resident Production Directors, designers, etc. • Review all paperwork, plots and tech requirements received from visiting and resident Production Directors, designers, etc.  • Advise on venue equipment limitations, schedule issues or any possible impediments to the execution of a production. • Operate video/projection equipment during rehearsals and performances, troubleshooting issues as they arise.  • Ensure the integrity and successful execution of all video elements throughout the production.  • Update or modify preexisting content as directed to properly function/display on house equipment. • Be present and/or supervise extra/assistant A/V crew at all load-in, focus, rehearsal, performance and load-out calls. • Ensure the integrity, safety and security of all A/V equipment and systems when a traveling production is in residency at the venue. • Responsible (with approval from resident Production Directors) for the purchasing and/or rental of any additional equipment that may be necessary for a production. • Testing and day-to-day maintenance of the theater’s A/V equipment and systems. • Advise production staff on recommended or necessary equipment replacements and/or upgrades, including researching options, producing budgets, obtaining quotes, placing orders, and receiving, installing and testing new equipment. • Assist other crew departments as needed and/or directed by Production Directors/Managers.  


November 4, 2019 –


I.A.T.S.E. Local 647