Spanish Speaking actors ages 20-60’s (Union and Non-Union)

GALA Hispanic Theatre
Washington, DC 20010


Tony Koehler

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Audition Notice:
Exquisita Agonia Directed by Nilo Cruz and Tia Julia y el Escribidor directed by Jose Zayas


GALA Hispanic Theatre

3333 14th St NW

Washington DC 20010


GALA Hispanic Theatre in Washington, DC is casting for 2 plays to be produced in early 2020. The union and non-union roles are for Male and Female characters ages 20-60’s who are fluent in Spanish. Auditions for both plays with be held at GALA Theatre in Washington, DC on Monday, September 30 from 1-6 pm. Actors should prepare a monologue in Spanish and may be provided a side to read.  Please see below for character breakdown and show details. 


To reserve a 10min timeslot to audition, please email the email provided.  Those without an assigned slot will be seen if time slots are available and on a first-come, first-served basis.  No phone calls please.


Exquisita Agonia

Written and Directed by Nilo Cruz

Rehearsals start January 6, 2020

Opening February 6, Closing 2020-March 1, 2020


This modern poignant and witty story explores a middle-aged woman’s obsessive quest to find a connection with a young man who receives the gift of her late husband’s heart. An “exquisite” opportunity to see Pulitzer Prize-winner Nilo Cruz direct his own work. Presented in Spanish with English surtitles.




Doctor Castillo: A charismatic man in his fifties from Latin America. He is cultivated in

the classics, in literature and philosophy, and is a fan of classical music and opera. His

duties and devotion toward his patients have increased over the years, along with the

evolution of moral consciousness, and the need to have an open heart.


Millie Marcel: An elegant woman in her fifties, born in Latin America but raised in the

United States. She is graceful and exuberant. Her gaze reveals her innermost being, her

need to live life to the fullest. She has been woken from a long dream, and is desperate to

restore meaning to her life.


Amér: A young and genuinely sensitive man in his mid-twenties, from Latin America. He

has a delicate face, full of tenderness, which invites warmth and honest smiles. He is

nimble and artful, reflective and almost too wise for the world. You never know why he’s

brooding. He has a secret.


Imanol: A young man in his late twenties from Latin America. He is Amér’s older

brother, a knowing city boy, physically built, with masculine and brusque movements that

hide his sensibility. He adores his brother and is willing to do anything for him.


Romy: A young woman in her mid twenties from the US. She is Millie’s troubled

daughter. Her nature and her looks are rebellious. She is sensitive to the seductions of

Goth music, and has a bohemian lifestyle. She wears a nose ring, blue lipstick, and has

blue highlights in her onyx black hair, which gives her a bluish halo. You would never

think that beneath the rebellious veneer there is an unfailing generosity of spirit and



Tommy: A young man in his late twenties from the US. He is Millie’s unbalanced son.

He appears to be detached and independent, but he is really a wounded deer. He has

strayed far away from his relatives because he prefers to make his family and the world

responsible for his problems. Deep inside he has a loving heart, but prefers to show his



Tia Julia y el Esricabador

A play by Caridad Svich based on the novel by Mario Vargas Llosa

Directed by Jose Zayas

Rehearsals begin March 23, 2020

Opening April 23, 2020- Closing May 17, 2020


Set in Peru during the 1950s, this boisterous comedy tells the story of an 18-year-old student who falls for a 32-year-old divorcee. Based on the life of Nobel Prize-winner Vargas Llosa, the play pays homage to the golden age of radio and the spirit of screwball comedies. Performed in Spanish with English surtitles.



Mario, age 18 (and at the end of the play, eight years or so older), at start of the play he is in his first year at university studying to be a lawyer; he is also an aspiring writer

Lucho, age 50, his uncle; upstanding member of petite bourgeoisie

Olga, his aunt, in her 40s, married to Lucho

Julia, age 32, his aunt, divorcee

Javier, age 18, his best friend and fellow university student

Pedro Camacho, in his 50s, his mentor, a writer of radio-dramas

Genaro, in his 50s, owner of the radio station where both Camacho and Mario work

Francisco, in his 40s, actor who works in the radio station

Josefina, in her 50s, actor who works in the radio station


January 6, 2020 – May 17, 2020





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