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Penumbra, Inc.
Alameda, CA 94502


Lauren DeFilippo

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Channel your inner therapist.


MVI Health Inc., a Penumbra, Inc. Company (NYSE: PEN), is dedicated to creating beneficial uses for immersive virtual reality. With the REAL™ Immersive System, we combine science-based healthcare expertise and decades of world-class software development experience into a unique combination of cutting-edge healthcare and technology, which we use to create tools to help people in need.


Evidence-based, effective therapies utilized by clinical rehabilitation experts were used to build therapy experiences within the REAL Immersive VR System. REAL is a simple, portable rehabilitation tool that can easily be brought to the patient at the bedside, in a rehab center, or mobile health location. The system is wireless, tether-less, mobile, and accurately tracks the body without line-of-sight dependencies. The three main components of the system include a VR Headset, a set of six sensors, and a tablet with TherapyView™ app that allows the clinician to administer and monitor the therapy session. Every aspect of the system has been tailored with the healthcare system in mind.


For our upcoming trade shows, we are looking for REAL Product Specialists to give demos of our product to healthcare professionals and interested parties. These Specialists should fill the trade show floor with excitement around the product, as you will be a prominent part of the REAL experience.

All talent must have a valid driver’s license (Must be at least 18 years of age.)

Smart, outgoing, people-people, good on your feet, preferably some experience with movement/dance, college degree, can-do attitude, able to memorize a script and ad-lib around it if needed.

Submit your headshot and resume to [email protected] to be considered.


If selected, appointments will be on Tuesday, 10/8 from 9AM-6PM  


Note: Callbacks for this will be the following day Wednesday, October 9th and you MUST be available to attend callbacks to be considered for this show.



Trade Show Dates:

Required Training at Penumbra Headquarters in January, dates TBD

February 12-15, Denver CO (travel Feb 11, return Feb 16)

March 26-29, Boston MA (travel March 25, return March 30)



$200/day + travel, lodging and meals


November 14, 2019 – November 17, 2019







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