Looking for Composer for Comedy Musical (Aisle 5: The Musical)

Aisle 5: The Musical
Castleton, VT 05735


Martin VanBuren

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Aisle 5 is the place that changes Jake’s life forever. What happens when a teen decides to take development into his own hands? Sh#t happens, that’s what. And most of it takes place in a grocery store! We can say that it’s a real ‘coming of age’ story that may or may not traumatize the parents in the audience. But hey, they were young once too, right? This show is like no other. Jake embarks on a glorious adventure alongside his best friend Oli, twin sister Alice, and eventually even his own mother, Jake’s Mom (yes, that’s her name) as Jake explores development. The show has been described as a hybrid of Big Mouth, Rick and Morty, and Deadpool, which means we’re looking for the right person/student/composer with a sense of humor to help out with this project (paid, of course.) Bonus if you have access to a recording studio, and or experience mixing/mastering, but not required. Shows we are inspired by: Beetlejuice, Be More Chill, anything Team Starkid.
The show is targeted toward a college audience, and is in the works to premiere next Fall (2020) at Castleton University in VT with a full recording to later be published on YouTube. Aisle 5 was written to show (specifically students, but really anyone) that not all theatre is “Shakespeare” and that not all musicals are “Sound of Music,” etc.  Accessibility is a major factor for us, as a recent 22 year old college grad, we know the struggle of wanting to go see a show on Broadway (or elsewhere!) and not have the means to get there, which is (unfortunately) where Bootlegs become the only way to view them. 
Pay is relatively flexible, as a Kickstarter is ready to roll to help fund the music production, although we’ve expected to spend between $3000-$4000 for writing the songs (music + helping with lyrics.) Please note that this project can be completed remotely, but the most important thing is consistent communication and availability to call/video chat. 
If interested, please apply and we’ll send the first few pages of the script your way! 


September 22, 2019 – May 31, 2020



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