Nikki Sixx’s Heroin Diaries – The Miraculous Survival of a Rock Star

Mungioli Theatricals
New York, NY 10036

Job Details


Non-AEA Tour Contract – (Major Cities, incl LA, San Fran, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, etc.)

Rate of Pay:  Scale $800 per week, Performance; $600 per week, Rehearsal; Housing and per diem included outside of New York.

Producers: Randall Buck, Troika Entertainment, Allen Kovac, Eleven Seven Label Group
Creative Producer: Nicole Tongue
Book: Nikki Sixx & Todd Kreidler
Music & Lyrics: Sixx:A.M.
Additional Songs: Mötley Crüe
Director: David Esbjornson
Choreographer: Daniel Ezralow
Music Supervisors: Robert Morris & Steven Morris
Casting: Mungioli Theatricals, Inc

Auditions begin: September 2019
Developmental Incarnation: January 2020
Rehearsal Begins: o/a 3/24/20 (NYC)
Performances Begin o/a 4/28/20

Based on the true story of Rock Star Nikki Sixx, who founded MÖTLEY CRÜE, plummeted into a heroin addiction, and found his way to Recovery, this story takes place in the Rock and Roll World and addresses the tragedy of the opioid crisis. We are looking for Actors who can handle dramatic book scenes with emotional depth and range, as well as Singers with terrific Rock and Pop Voices who can sustain eight shows per week. The Movement requirements are best described as a kind of Inspired Pedestrian Movement — in cases where specified, movement specialties may also be required. We are seeking intelligent actors who are fearless, and unafraid to take risks.



NIKKI: [Late 20’s – Mid 30’s, Male, Caucasian] The famed Rock Star, NIKKI SIXX, as he appears now, and at the height of “MÖTLEY CRÜE.” Charismatic, with a good sense of Humour and Irony. Self made, serious about his music. Bassist (Actor does NOT need to play bass for this; familiarity with the instrument is a plus, though not necessarily required), lyricist and architect of the group, NIKKI struggles with the pressures of the music industry, personal identity and drug addiction. Must have the Acting Chops to convey the highs and lows of drug addiction, including bottoming out to the point of death. [Please Note: Nudity Required for this role.] Vocally: STRONG ROCK/POP TENOR [Ideally to Bb, but negotiable].

FRANKIE FERANNA: [Early 20’s to Early 30’s, Male, Caucasian] NIKKI SIXX in the Making. Character evolves through several earlier versions of NIKKI, including his teenage years and development from a raw, unformed and uncertain Small Town Boy to a Rock and Roll Superstar and International Music Sensation. Must be able to express extreme Vulnerability and Raw Emotion, as well as Solid Determination and Resilience. Good transformational abilities and Very Strong Voice. Vocally: STRONG ROCK/POP TENOR [Ideally to Bb, but negotiable].

CHARLOTTE: [Mid to Late 20’s, Female, Caucasian] — NIKKI’s childhood friend from Idaho, she possesses a kindess, as well as a Simple and Wholesome Beauty (though being a bit of a Tomboy she is unaware of it). Though she is not a prude, she is Practical and Sensible, as a young woman coming of age — with an inner strength and centeredness. She has the capacity for Great Compassion and eventually goes out on a limb, attempting to help NIKKI face his demons. For NIKKI, she represents an alternative to the Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Life of LA. Vocally: VERSATILE ROCK/POP MEZZO / BELT [Ideally to D, but negotiable].

GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN EYES: [Mid 20’s to early 30’s, Female, May be any Ethnicity]  — Beautiful, Exotic, Compelling, and Seductive, she represents the Intimate Relationship NIKKI has to Heroin. She is wildly alluring and always there for NIKKI, but once she has entrapped him firmly in her grasp, she is Dangerous and Lethal in a way that was not initially apparent to him; Possibly a Movement Specialist — May be an aerialist or acrobat of some kind — perhaps an aerial contortionist or someone who works (or is willing to learn) aerial silks, although any and all specialty skills are welcome. Strong Singer. Vocally: VERSATILE ROCK/POP MEZZO

NONA/DEANA:  [Late 30’s to Early 50’s, Female, Caucasian] — Actress will play two contrasting  roles:

NONA: NIKKI’s Grandmother — A rock solid and steady influence for NIKKI, she has devotedly raised her Grandson in the absence of his Mother, A Nurturing and Loving Grandmother who always puts her grandchild first, she is the family member with whom NIKKI has the deepest connection;


DEANA: NIKKI’s Mother — Attractive but Insecure, she is mostly absent from NIKKI’s life. Fearful of being on her own — Economically challenged and seems to attract men who use her and then abandon her. She may come across as self-absorbed, but she is not heartless.

(Actress will likely be cast for quality and singing ability as DEANA and age up to portray NONA.).

Vocally: STRONG ROCK/POP BELT [Ideally to E, but negotiable.].

JASON: [Late 20’s to early 30’s, Male, May be any Ethnicity] — A bit of a parasite, “wanna be,” and sycophant, he serves the stars of the Rock World; he has an Unrelenting Capacity for Self-Preservation and his own personal Advancement. It’s all about what’s in it for him. Actor must have dramatic and comedic skill, and a willingness to make bold choices. Strong Singer, Skilled Dancer; Movement Specialties a Plus. Vocally: VERSATILE ROCK/POP TENOR

SUZANNA: [Mid 20’s to early 30’s, Female, May be any Ethnicity] — A Kinder, slightly more Thoughtful version of her boyfriend, JASON. Adopts an extreme look, intended to get the attention of her Rock Idols. Unsuccessfully Rebelling from her upper middle class background, she has a forward, slightly manic energy, a Dreamer and a Doer, albeit Materialistic in Nature. Actress must have Comic Ability, as well as Dramatic Gravitas and the ability to create additional personas. Vocally: VERSATILE ROCK/POP MEZZO

JIM FROM THE LABEL: [Age 30’s to 40’s, Male, May be any Ethnicity] Character Actor with Comic Ability — A Big Personality with a More Than Healthy Ego; an A&R Rep, his job is to corral the unruly talent and get them to deliver on deadline. He knows everybody and everything and every executive – He makes it happen! And he gets rich off of it all! Believes himself to be a friend and mentor to NIKKI. Actor must enjoy the Comic Extremes of this role and twisting the cliché. A “Suit Guy,” he may be any shape or size but must be physically adept and able to do Physical Comedy; Also, Grounded, with the ability to bring out his Dark Side in various moments Vocally: May be either a ROCK TENOR or VERSATILE BARITONE TO A, give or take.

ALLAN/SILENT FRED: [Mid 20’s, Male, May be any Ethnicity] Actor will play two roles:

ALLAN: NIKKI’s Small-Town Boyhood Friend from Idaho — Awkward, both Physically and Emotionally, he loves NIKKI, but doesn’t have the courage that his best friend has, and so he is left behind.


SILENT FRED: NIKKI’s self-appointed valet — He came to a party and never left — moves through NIKKI’s house with economy and efficiency. We can only guess at who he is. Officious, Tidy, Nuanced perhaps…but does not call attention to himself; Of a simple quality, he functions under the radar, moving in and out of the action; Possibly a Movement Specialist. Vocally: Vocally: May be either a ROCK TENOR or VERSATILE BARITONE TO A, give or take.

GIRLFRIEND ABBY/BETH/ JIM’s WIFE: [Mid 20’s to early 30’s, Female, May be any Ethnicity] Excellent Singer and Mover. Will also function as Back-Up Singer throughout the fabric of the story. [Please Note: Some Nudity Required for this role.] Vocally: VERSATILE ROCK/POP MEZZO.

GIRLFRIEND DAISY/ ALICE: [Mid 20’s to early 30’s, Female, May be any Ethnicity] Excellent Singer and Mover. Will also function as Back-Up Singer throughout the fabric of the story. [Please Note: Some Nudity Required for this role.] Vocally: VERSATILE ROCK/POP MEZZO.

GIRLFRIEND ELLY/JIM’s HOT DATE: [Mid 20’s to early 30’s, Female, May be any Ethnicity] Excellent Singer and Mover. Will also function as Back-Up Singer throughout the fabric of the story. [Please Note: Some Nudity Required for this role.] Vocally: VERSATILE ROCK/POP MEZZO.

CHILD FRANKIE/FORTUNE TELLER/NIKKI’s SON: [Under 10 years of age, Male, Caucasian] NIKKI as a Little Boy on Christmas Morning; A Child filled with Hope, in spite of the circumstances around him, and believing he has the brightest Life ahead of him. Must Sing Well [Specific Vocal Range TBD].


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January 15, 2020 –



Audition Information


September 23, 2019 at 3:33PM – 10am-1:30pm; 2:30pm – 5:30pm

October 7, 2019 at 3:33PM – 10am-1:30pm; 2:30pm – 5:30pm


Pearl Studios, 500 8th Avenue, Studio 402 on 9/23; Studio 1204 on 10/7.


Please prepare two Pop/Rock songs, each 16 to 32 bars in length, that show off your Voice and Range. We are looking not only for good voices, but also for your ability to communicate the lyric. One may be in the energetic style of Sixx:A.M., Mötley Crüe, and other bands of that genre; the other may be more of a Pop/Rock Ballad. Please have additional choices of music, in case asked.
Bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided.
Please bring a current picture and resume, stapled together.