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Sierra Repertory Theatre
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Scott Viets

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Sierra Repertory Theatre (No. CA) is casting David Lindsay-Abaire’s Ripcord, an often slapstick, always surprising comedy, an enemies-to-friends story for a pair of excellently well-rounded, mature women and ensemble. Both AEA and Non-Equity encouraged to submit. Note: The role of Abby has been cast. 

Available Roles:
Marilyn Dunne: Female, 60-80. Abbey’s new roommate, she is an optimist looking for the good in everyone; she is infuriatingly chipper, impishly jovial, upbeat, endearing and trusting; she also has an underbelly of anger and is surprisingly determined and resourceful.
Scotty: Male, 20-39. A residential aide at the Assisted Living Facility, he is kind, friendly, empathic, patient, honest and direct, with a good sense of humor; he genuinely cares for his residents and is perceptive in a street-smart way about their personalities; in his free time, he is an aspiring actor.
Benjamin: Male, 35-49. Also plays Lewis and Clown; Benjamin is Abby’s son; he is a former addict who has let down a lot of people in his past, and he is genuinely hoping to make amends and introduce his child to his mother; he’s been in and out of rehab before, so she will not let him off the hook easily. Lewis is Marilyn’s son, an enthusiastic skydiving instructor. The Clown is a scary demon clown in a haunted house.
Colleen: Female, 35-49. Also plays Woman In White; Colleen is Marilyn’s daughter; a quirky comic type, she’s competitive, a bit kooky and she’s game for anything, especially if her mother asks and needs her; she’s an open book; very much her mother’s daughter. Woman in White is a spooky haunted house character.
Derek: Male, 30-49. Also plays Zombie Butler; Derek is Colleen’s husband; a quirky comic type, he is friendly and chipper, but a bit more cautious and practical than his wife, but always on board to help his mother-in-law. Zombie Butler is the absurdly austere tour guide of the haunted house.


August 6, 2019 – September 15, 2019





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