Wardrobe and Costume Shop Manager

The Flea Theater
New York, NY 10007

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The award-winning Flea Theater seeks a highly motivated Wardrobe and Costume Shop Manager with broad based managerial skills.  The Flea is a downtown beacon for creative artists of every discipline, and for adventurous audiences seeking bold and inventive work. We are also home to The Bats, a resident company of artists, now with over 120 members who work and perform in all of our theaters.  


Candidate must have problem-solving abilities, leadership skills and the kind of attitude necessary to enjoy working in a lively downtown atmosphere. The Wardrobe and Costume Shop Manager is an essential part of The Flea’s tech team, working closely with all staff members and under the guidance of the Director of Production and Facilities.


The Wardrobe and Costume Shop Managers is responsible for supervising all wardrobe related activities during the course of a theatrical run as well as overseeing the daily operation of the costume shop including personnel and supplies management.  Specifically this position will:

• Oversee purchased and pulled costumes for stage.

• Maintain the organization and upkeep of off-site and on-site costume stock.

• Schedule and manage department coverage.

• Schedule and manage volunteer based labor from The Bats, as well as any hired labor.

• Manage shop equipment, including repairs, maintenance and replacement.

• Manage stock and restock of materials.

• Act as liaison with Stage Management, Production Staff, and contracted Costume Designers.

• Attends fittings as necessary.

• Attend all show related Production meetings.

• Attends weekly Staff and Internal Production meetings.

• Ensure the care and proper maintenance of all costumes. This includes proper labeling, hanging, storage, etc.

• Work with actors and designers to rig technical costume elements.

• Create and train Wardrobe Crew into a proper cleaning and care schedule for all garments.

• Regularly inventory and inspect all costumes and coordinate maintenance/repairs.

• At the end of a production run, oversee all aspects of the costume strike. Ensures all pieces are returned to where they belong.

• Manage use and upkeep of the Dressing Rooms.

• Train the use of space and equipment to Rentals/Anchor Partners.

 This is a part-time position; salary commesurate with experience.  We are looking for 30 hours weekly.  The Flea is an equal opportunity employer and persons of color are encouraged to apply.

Please email [email protected] with a cover letter, resume, and 2 references. 


May 31, 2019 –



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