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Komnata Quest Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY 11221

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The Komnata Quest company, a real-life Room Escape Game, is seeking an energetic, innovative game master for a unique and fun team-building/entertainment business located in Brooklyn. The applicant must be able to work independently and be comfortable interacting with individuals and groups. Enthusiasm, flexibility, and a capacity to perform a number of clerical, administrative, and hospitality duties are required for this position. Reliability and a strong work ethic are essential. Work hours will include weekends and evenings as business hours require.

The Komnata Quest offers a variety of opportunities for employees to grow and a dynamic work environment that encourages its team to work together in a setting that promotes a stress-free (although, fast paced) work environment.

Only candidates who are qualified for the position will be contacted for a corporate interview.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Game Master Expectations:

Self-starter with a strong work ethic: Able to take on a sizeable workload and meet all deadlines with little to no supervision
Strong communication and judgement skills
Strong customer service skills and friendly disposition
Present yourself in a professional, mature manner
Able to work a mixture of weekends, evenings, and business hours as required
Have a thorough understanding of each of our rooms, the puzzles, the items inside. Be able to run the rooms as a monitor.
Problem-solver – think critically and efficiently under pressure

Game Master Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Supervise day-to-day operations
Responsible for resetting the rooms correctly and checking that everything is running correctly.
Manage physical aspects of the venue: aesthetics, repair, maintenance, maintaining a safe, professional environment. This includes minor repairs, initiating immediate notification of any puzzle or building defects
Keep venue clean and organized
Pay attention to where each team is so you don’t give them an incorrect clue.
Most importantly, it is essential that game masters are mature, professional, analytical, and possess a positive attitude. The successful candidate will have the skills necessary to prioritize and complete tasks as needed and have the capability to understand the mission and policies our company.

Please only respond to this ad if you are also available to work nights, weekends (Friday-Sunday) and Holidays!

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $13.50 to $18.00 /hour

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $13.50 to $18.00 /hour


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