Virgin Voyages || Actor/Singers for Never Sleep Alone – Chicago

RWS Entertainment Group
Long Island City, NY 11101

Job Details


April 26, 2019
Chicago, IL
By appointment only. Time and location will be given when the appointment is confirmed.

Seeking a magnetic, playful, outgoing rockstar singer/performer with improv skills and moxie for an exciting new show onboard Virgin Voyages’ inaugural ship, the Scarlet Lady:    

NEVER SLEEP ALONE is a highly interactive musical-comedy show presented as a sex and dating seminar lead by self-help superstar, bestselling author and female powerhouse Dr. Alex. Audience members must choose whether to sit in the PLAYERS (front) or VOYEURS (back) section. Those in the PLAYERS section consent to participating onstage in blind dates, group demonstrations and hilarious games, often resulting in spontaneous make outs with complete strangers.   

Rehearsals beginning in NYC January 2020
4-5 months at sea
Performer minimum $1200/week
Travel and lodging provided with single occupancy cabins
FREE onboard wifi for browsing and messaging

We are just as interested in the comprehensive representation of a diverse humanity as we are in finding exceptional talent when casting our ground-breaking entertainment for Virgin Voyages. 

We are putting diversity and representation as a priority above all when casting our ground-breaking entertainment for Virgin Voyages.

DR. ALEX – Female, Reads as late 20s-40s, Any ethnicity, Confident mover and singer. Should have a powerful voice, able to front a 4-piece rock band and belt to high C. Must be physically fit and comfortable stripping to tasteful lingerie. Ability to improvise on the spot, audience interaction, and crowd control an absolute must. Specifically interested in performers with cabaret, stand-up comedy or live performance experience. Ability to do a Texas accent not essential, but definitely a bonus. Open to all accents and ethnicities. 

Founder of the NSA Movement, liberator of the libido, bestselling author and sociosexual advisor to the stars, Dr. Alex is the epitome of empowerment in and out of bed. She is on a mission to help people overcome their inhibitions, make real human connections and lead the romantic and exciting lives they’ve always wanted.

She is fearless, independent, relaxed and erotic. She is highly educated, outrageously funny, and profoundly wise. Always witty but never campy, always sexy but never raunchy, always generous and always demanding, she is the one everyone wants and she wants to help YOU to fulfill your sexual destiny.

Her show is part self-help seminar, part evangelical rock concert at mega-church of sex, and she requires every member of her audience be a true believer, singing along and participating from start to finish. 

She must exude authority in every situation, on and off stage. She must be extremely adept at improvisation and audience interaction, capable of holding a large and often inebriated audience spell-bound and also have incredible interpersonal skills and be comfortable giving one-on-one sex and relationship advice. This performer should be 100 percent confident in her own sexuality, inspire confidence in others, and be very comfortable discussing sex in an open, honest and humorous manner.

All preparation instructions will be given once appointment is confirmed.  To be considered for an appointment, please contact your representation or email [email protected] with your headshot/resume/any performance reels and “Virgin Voyages Dr. Alex” in the Subject line. Please note that not everyone who submits will be given an appointment.  


January 1, 2020 –


Performer minimum $1200/week