Casting All Parts: Peter and the Starcatcher/ a Play With Music

Sundog Theatre
Staten Island, NY 10301


Jenni Vitek

Job Details


the Boy/Peter: 18-25 Orphan, anonymous loner, ambitious, brave, scrappy survivor, evolving into a hero


Molly Aster: 15-18 Young British girl, adventurous & out to prove girls can do whatever boys can. Passionate and fearless, Vocal range: A3-C#5


Black Stache: 25-40 Well-spoken, flair of a showman pirate, dangerous villain. British dialect. Vocal range up to F#4


Prentiss: 18-25 Orphan, a bit older than Boy, not as brave or charismatic. Yearns to be leader Vocal range: Baritone/Tenor2 up to F4


Ted: 18-25 Orphan, scrawny, but eats everything, hence nickname “Tubby”. Needs balance of easy humor, comedic timing. Vocal: up to F#4


Lord Leonard Aster: 40-60 Molly’s father. Proper British gentleman- loyal, trustworthy, master Starcatcher


Mrs. Bumbrake/Teacher (male): 35-55 Lovely brash British nanny w/ big heart. Actor doubles as Teacher, a mermaid sage. Range: B2-F#4 or falsetto. British/Scottish dialect.


Captain Robert Falcon Scott: 35-55 Royal British Navy Commander of The Wasp. Must be strong physically and be able to lift people. Baritone/Tenor 2 to F#4


Grempkin/Mack/Fighting Prawn: 35-55 Dark, oppressive headmaster of School for Lost Boys/orphanage. Also plays Mack, an unremarkable sailor, and Fighting Prawn, King of Mollusk Isle. Bass/Baritone British and Tropical dialects


Smee/Hawking Clam: 20-35 Dedicated First mate to Black Stache. Not too bright, but always quickest to respond. Also plays Hawking Clam, son of Fighting Prawn. Bass/Baritone British and Tropical dialects


Alf: 25-40 A rough around the edges working class sailor who imagines himself a hero. Oaf-ish and unkempt, but romantically charming. Blue-Collar British dialect, Vocal: up to F#4


Bill Slank: 25-55 Captain of the Neverland. Vicious, greedy, out for himself only, orphan, nefarious inept leader


Sanchez: 24-35 A hard-working Spanish pirate with an identity crisis


June 14, 2019 – June 23, 2019





Audition Information


April 15, 2019 at 12:10PM – 6:30-9:30pm


the Learning Center at Snug Harbor Cultural Center Bldg G, 1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY


Bring: resume and head shot

Prepare: Please perform a short monologue or tell a short story of something memorable from your childhood. It could be a fond memory, or just something funny you remember. 1 minute length. 


Rehearsal dates/times: 7-10pm FR May 3, TU 7, WED 8, FRI 10, TU 14, TH 16, SA 18, WED 22, SU 26, TU 28, WED 29,
SA June 1, MON 3, TU 4, WED 5, TH 6, MON 10, TU11, WED 12, TH 13

Performance dates:

8PM Evenings: 6/14-15; 6/21-22

3PM Matinees: 6/16 & 6/23

Rehearsal & Performance Location:

Stage One @ Wagner College

  631 Howard Avenue, SI, NY