Dance/fitness Instruction Program Director

The Box
New York, NY 10012

Job Details


The Box is a dance-based fitness startup.  We film a daily class and stream it through our app or website.  Imagine the most beautiful tiny NYC dance club serving as a TV studio, and you have the setting for the classes.  Some classes are straight dance, some are dance-supportive–ie, tone, stretching, etc. 

We’re looking for a “dance director”, someone who can:

1. hire, schedule and manage the varied portfolio of dance fitness instructors who will lead our classes.  
2. design the fitness curriculum so as to ensure safety and continued interest.
3.  lead a class him/herself from time to time. 

Dance has the ability to get people moving without looking like “working out” per se, and just getting started moving is the biggest hurdle for many people.


April 1, 2019 – March 21, 2019



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