Staten Island Ambassadors

AKA NYC/Staten Island Ambassador
NY, NY 10036

Job Details


AKA NYC/Staten Island Ambassador is hiring a new group of dynamic, friendly professionals intended to represent Empire Outlets to the thousands of daily riders of the Staten Island ferry. As a Staten Island Ambassador, you will be the voice of Empire Outlets: you’ll be fully knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the outlet mall and surrounding areas, its retail stores and upcoming activations, as well as technical information and information about New York City in general. You’ll be part of a team of Ambassadors throughout the area surrounding the ferry, and you and your team will be asked to share questions, concerns, and points of interest that happen throughout the day with the internal team from Empire Outlets. You’d be a great fit for this role if you are charismatic, punctual, and friendly. Also, you are:

·         Knowledgeable: On-site training will give you everything you need, but a knowledge of New York City/Staten Island and its tourist attractions are a plus.

·         Well-groomed: As an official representative of Empire Outlets, your professional demeanor will need to impress!

·         Collaborative: You’ll be working with three other Ambassadors during the shift and will need to pull your findings together for daily reporting.

·        There will also be a paid training process is hired and the training process is mandatory.

Please include your work resume, along with your availability for an interview when replying.


April 1, 2019 –


Starting pay at $18.00/hour





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