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Notes from the Basement, a new musical by Kate Eberstadt, is seeking performers for various roles with strong musical abilities to participate in an upcoming musical workshop as a part of an artist residency with the Center at West Park, in addition to a one-night performance at Dixon Place.  Both presentations will fall in agreement with Equity’s 29 Hour Staged Reading Code. Produced by Emily Hawkins and Allison Houser, Notes from the Basement will be directed by Molly Rose Heller.

About the Musical: After spending a year working as a music teacher in an emergency refugee camp in Berlin, Jen now lives in her parents’ basement – seemingly stuck. She is haunted by her memories and refuses to move forward with her life in America. Combining choral music, German house/techno, and Middle Eastern music, Notes from the Basement follows this diverse intergenerational and international cast on a journey of loss and forgiveness, taking a hard look at the American hero complex, “voluntourism,” and finding humanity in seemingly inhuman circumstances. 

For more information about the musical and previous presentations, please visit:

Casting the following Roles:

JEN (Lead): 24, Female, American, White. Vocal: Alto/mezzo. After founding a music program in a refugee Camp, Jen now lives in her parents’ basement, seemingly stuck. She is haunted by her Memories, particularly revolving around one student, 8-year-old Aria. [Casting for Jen’s understudy]

MOM (supporting): Late 50s, Female. American, White. Vocal: any part. Well-established writer living in Washington DC. / TRISH: 40s, Female, White American. New York Times reporter living in Berlin. Operates in socialite circles. Looking to write a story on Jen’s program in the camp and will do anything to get the story. [MOM and TRISH double each other.]

MAMA ARIA (lead): Late 20s/Early 30’s, Female, Refugee. Vocal: Mezzo belt. Iranian, Middle Eastern. Native Language: Farsi. Conversational English. Mother of Aria (8) and Yasmine (6), living in the emergency refugee camp & applying for asylum. Formidable. Has several solos – looking for a strong singer. Accent: Farsi

BAHADUR (supporting): 20’s, Male, Refugee. Middle Eastern. Vocal: Tenor. Lives in the emergency refugee camp & applying for asylum. Confident, attractive, masculine, alpha-type. Love interest of Sarah. Native Language: Farsi. Accent: Farsi

SULU (supporting): 5-10, Male, Refugee. Middle Eastern. Deaf. Bomb victim, living in the emergency refugee camp, seeking asylum.

MAMA SULU (supporting): early 20’s-early 30’s, Female. Vocal: any. Middle Eastern. Arabic. Mother of Sulu. Does not speak English well. Shy, but fighting for the best for her son in spite of language barriers. Accent: Arabic

AMAN (supporting): 20s/30s, Male, Refugee. Vocal: Tenor. Eritrean, Middle Eastern. Living in the refugee camp, applying for asylum. He arrived in Germany alone and is looking to build a new life. Love interest of Sarah. Native Language: Arabic. Accent: Arabic.

MISHA (supporting): Mid 50s, Male. German, White. Vocal: Bass. Native Language: German, fluent English. Head of The Akademie. Father of Lukas. Misha’s a socialite, known on the scene in Berlin. He has funded Jen’s music program; he genuinely wants to see it succeed, and also wants to see it reflect well on the Akademie. Has a dark side; party animal. Accent: German

CHARLOTTE (lead): 30s, Female. German. Native Language: German, fluent in English. Vocal: any. Youth social worker in the refugee Camp. Charlotte prizes order above all else; she fights for structure and continuity for the children at the camp. Suspicious of newcomers, she is suspect of Jen, and they butt heads. Strong-willed. Accent: German.

OTTO (supporting): 20s/30s, Male. Vocal: any. Refugee Camp Security Guard. German. Native Language: German, speaks conversational English. Co-Worker of Kurt. Lower-middle class. Empathizes with the asylum-seekers, but susceptible to pressure from coworker Kurt. Secretly has a heart. Accent: German.

KURT (supporting): 20s/30s, Male. Vocal: any. German. Refugee Camp Security Guard. Native Language: German, speaks conversational English. Co-Worker of Otto. Aggressive, authoritative. Maybe “toxic masculinity” applies. Angry at the world, takes it out on people at his job. Accent: German.

Important Production Dates:

Must have flexible availability Feb 10th-Feb 24th as well as potential availability for Dixon Place April 14th-29th

Public Readings at Center at West Park: Feb 23rd & Feb 24th at 7PM
Public Presentation at Dixon Place: April 29th

*Please do not apply if these dates do not fit your schedule.

Auditions Dates:

Monday, January 14th 9AM-2PM
Wednesday, January 16th 9AM-2PM

Please send headshot and resume to: [email protected]
Subject line should read: “NFTB Audition: [CHARACTER NAME] – [YOUR NAME]” for example “NFTB Audition: KURT – JOHN DOE” — DEADLINE: ASAP, no later than NOON on Saturday, JAN 12, 2019

What to prepare for audition:

– 1 minute to 90 second cut of a pop rock song (accompanist will be present)
– Familiarize yourself with accent of role auditioning for
– Sides sent upon appointment confirmation

ALSO SEEKING STAGE MANAGER AND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR. Please note, we are actively looking to hire a diverse Creative Team. Seeking artists of color.
Please send resume and cover letter to: [email protected] 
Subject line should read: “NFTB: [POSITION] – [YOUR NAME]” for example “NFTB: STAGE MANAGER – JOHN DOE” —DEADLINE: ASAP, no later than NOON on Saturday, JAN 12, 2019.





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