Tuacahn 2019 Season – ECC Female Dancers (1.23.19)

Tuacahn Center for the Arts
Ivins, UT

Job Details



LORT Non-Rep
Minimum – $1033/wk

Scott S. Anderson (Tucahn Artistic Director); Kevin Warnick (CFO); Shari Jordan (Assistant Artistic Producer/Casting Coordinator); Chris Babbage (Musical Supervisor); Jani Walsh- Weber (Director/Choreographer for The Little Mermaid); Jeffry Denman (Director/Choreographer for Disney’s When You Wish); Tim Threlfall (Director for The Sound of Music); Mara Newbery Greer (Choreographer for The Sound of Music); Wojcik I Seay Casting

Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Disney’s When You Wish: first rehearsal April 8; The Little Mermaid opens June 7th and Disney’s When You Wish opens June 8th; The Sound of Music: first rehearsal June 24th and opens July 26th; All three productions will close the week of Oct 26th.

Shows play in repertory. Actors will be cast in all three productions. Tuacahn is an outdoor amphitheatre located in southwestern Utah. Please visit auditions.tuacahn.org prior to audition to create or update an actor profile/upload current headshot and resume. See separate notice for stage management info.

ECC Procedures are in effect for this audition.

An Equity Monitor will be provided.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination.Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Seeking strong, experienced musical theatre actor-singers-dancers for all roles. Also seeking understudies for all roles. Performers of color strongly encouraged to attend.


The Little Mermaid

ARIEL: Female Identified (20’s), Crystal clear flawless belt to E.; A strong willed, independent youngwoman. She loves her father but has never felt as if she quite fits in to her world under the sea. She is a dreamer with an adventurous spirit who will do anything for her love. Must move well and be comfortable with heights and flying.

ERIC: Male Identified, (20’s) Must be able to sing in a very controlled lyrical tenor or baritenor. Gorgeous soaring sound to A; A charming prince who doesn’t want to settle and accept the life that heis destined to live. He feels most alive on the sea and yearns for a life of adventure. He doesn’t wantto settle for any girl.

TRITON: Male Identified (30’s-40’s) booming baritone to strong E; The Son of Poseidon, King of theUndersea World, with a profound belief that the Human World is dangerous and must protect his daughters from it. A powerful, uncompromising monarch, who has been deeply wounded by losing his wife, the mother of his 7 daughters. Commanding, regal, charismatic, protective because he has fear of losing what he loves.

URSULA: Female Identified (30’s-40’s) Open to all ethnicities. Strong singer who must also dance.Dramatic alto down to E. Big Belt to C# with strong head voice to a G; Needs to be a trained dancer who excels in the Fosse style. A Sea Witch and Triton’s estranged (and none-tohappy-about-it) sister, banished forever for dabbling in The Black Arts. Personality as huge as her ambition. Wildly smart, sinister, sarcastic, sultry and dangerous. Desperate to overthrow her brother and reclaim the undersea realm once and for all.

GRIMSBY: Male Identified (40’s) Light character vocals only, patter a la Gilbert and Sullivan; Prince Eric’s British guardian. Long-suffering, no-nonsense and big-hearted. More a companion and confidant with a father like love for Prince Eric. Occasionally exasperated by, but entirely devoted to the Prince.

SEBASTIAN: Male Identified (20’s-40’s) A showman with a dry sense of comedy, good dancer,physicality and singer. Strong character calypso sound. Baritone to E; A charming, pleasing Caribbean Crab. The court composer and confidante and advisor to King Triton. Becomes the reluctant guardian of Ariel with a loving devotion to the King and his daughter. Ideal type: Ben Vereen.

SCUTTLE: Male Identified (20’s-40’s) A song and dance man with strong tap skills. Very strong character tenor or baritenor with a solid high A; A seagull. Fancies himself nature’s Einstein andexpert on humans and their peculiar stuff. Full of confidence. Ariel depends on him for the bird’s-eye view of the world and life. Must be comfortable with heights and flying.

FLOUNDER: Male Identified (10-16) Tenor or unchanged voice; A boy fish who can sing and move well. A fish on the verge of puberty who has a huge crush on Ariel. He is her faithful, enthusiastic, young friend.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: Male Identified (20’s) Light tenor to B with falsetto to a high D; Must bestrong dancers in the Fosse style. Two slimy, sneaky, and seductive eels; they are high voltage low-lifes who are Ursula’s lackeys and partners in crime.

CHEF LOUIS: Male Identified (30’s-40’s) A character baritone; A human, French Chef extraordinaire,a culinary perfectionist with a particular affinity for dishes with fishes. Movement skills a plus as he will also play numerous characters throughout the show. Must have French accent. Vocal range: Bb2 to A4; Sings Les Poissons.

ENSEMBLE: Male and Female Identified (20’s-30’s) Excellent dancers and singers with strongcharacter work; Puppetry skills, tumbling, cirque and aerial skills a plus. Will play many characters from underwater creatures, to sailors, maids, and chefs. Many ensemble tracks will cover principal roles.

The Sound of Music

MARIA RAINER (soprano/mezzo, early-mid 20’s) A young postulant at Nonnberg Abbey. She is a freespirit, warm, kind and determined. She is dedicated to God’s will but discovers her love for family andhome is where she truly finds God. A clear vocal quality and genuine vulnerability is requisite.

CAPTAIN GEORG VON TRAPP (baritone, 35-45) An educated and polished former proud Austrian naval captain. He runs his home like he ran his barracks. He is recently a widower and mourns hiswife’s passing with an unconscious distancing himself from his seven children. Ultimately, he provesto be a warm, loving and courageous individual.

MAX DETWEILLER (baritone, 40’s-50) Charming, sophisticated, outgoing, vibrant—the life of theparty. He can’t afford his lifestyle without the Captain’s riches. He tries to accommodate the rising Nazipower in Austria, which puts him into conflict with the Captain. Ultimately, he turns out to be a loyal friend to the von Trapp family.

ELSA SCHRADER (mezzo, 35-40) A sophisticated and worldly baroness. Like Max, she will find a way to accommodate the coming uprising. She tries to like the children but would like to send them to boarding school so she and the Captain could spend time in Vienna. She loves/appreciates the Captain as he represents social standing and a continuation of the luxurious lifestyle she is accustomed to.

MOTHER ABBESS (powerful soprano, 45-70) Mother figure for Maria. She is understanding, authoritative, but also warm. Her years have given her wisdom, patience and inner peace.

SISTER BERTHE (alto) (30-60) Mistress of Novices is a bit pompous and happy to find the faults in Maria.

SISTER MARGARETTA (mezzo) (30-60) Mistress of Postulants has a good sense of humor andappreciates what is humorous in Maria’s conduct. Bit of an overgrown child herself.

SISTER SOPHIA (soprano) (30-60) More inclined to notice the positive aspects of Maria’s conduct. Allare frustrated with her inability to settle into the lifestyle of the Abbey.

ROLF GRUBER (tenor, strong dancer 17; ideally seeking older to play 17) Rolf is a telegraph delivery boy drawn into the Nazi youth movement. He and Liesl fall in love, and they look for every opportunityto see one another. He is genuine and more than a bit intimidated by Liesl’s father and socialstanding.

FRANZ (non-singing, 40) The von Trapp butler, formerly the Captain’s orderly on shipboard; formal, but not without spirit; his Nationalist loyalties move swiftly to the Nazi cause.

FRAU SCHMIDT (non-singing, 40) The housekeeper, rather stoic, but with a guarded sense of humor; she knows how to run the household as the Captain wishes it.

HERR ZELLER (non-singing, 40) Bureaucratic neighbor, who becomes an early Nazi official. He is critical of the Captain’s loyalties to the ‘old’ Austria, and ultimately, as an official of the Third Reich,leads the move to take the Captain into Nazi naval service; hard-nosed, inflexible.

ADMIRAL VON SCHREIBER (non-singing, 40) Admiral of the Navy of the Third Reich, he arrives to escort the Captain to his forced commission. He is more flexible and accommodating than Zeller.

The Von Trapp Children:

LIESL VON TRAPP (mezzo, strong dancer, 16; ideally seeking older to play 16) Just entering young woman hood and completely smitten by the handsome young Rolf. She also cares deeply for her younger siblings in the absence of their mother. At first she thinks herself too old to need a governess, but discovers a close confidant in Maria.

FRIEDRICH VON TRAPP (age 14) He is trying to be a grown-up as much as he can be with the often absence of his father.

LOUISA VON TRAPP (age 13) The Mastermind of many of the shenanigans the children play on Maria.

KURT VON TRAPP (age 10) The gentle peacemaker in the family. He dances a popular folk dance with Maria.

BRIGITTA VON TRAPP (age 9) “From the mouth of babes” is the essence of Brigitta. Nine going on35.

MARTA VON TRAPP (age 7) Pink is her favorite color.

GRETL VON TRAPP (age 6) Picture of youthful cuteness


Men and Women Ensemble members (Various ages) To play nuns, monks, priests, novices,postulants, guests at the Captain’s party, Salzburg citizens, and Contestants in the Festival Concert.


Little Girl (10-14) Seeking all ethnicities. Strong singer and dancer. Appears throughout the show in different Disney stories interacting with Disney characters. She is the heart of the show.

Ensemble: consisting of strong singers and dancers to be featured throughout the show.

ECC rules in effect. In person sign-up begins at 2:00PM on 1/23/19.



Audition Information


Screenland Studios
10501 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
2:30 PM


Bring character, jazz, and tap shoes and attire appropriate for dancing and movement.