Assistant Director/ASM, The Neurology of the Soul at the ART/NY Theater

Untitled Theater Company No. 61
New York, NY 10025


Edward Einhorn

Job Details


Seeking an assistant director for a production of ART/NY Theater of The Neurology of the Soul, a new play about neuroscience, marketing, love, and art.  The AD will be asked to help in the logistics of keeping the play running as well as any feedback/consultation on play.  Most of the work is evenings and weekends, though tech week (Feb 4) is all week.  The show is a multimedia production that includes video as a major part of the work.

The internship pays a $300 stipend (total) .  Rehearsals begin January 5, show begins Feb 8  and runs through March 3

Untitled Theater Company #61 ( is a Theater of Ideas: scientific, political, philosophical, and above all theatrical.  Our shows mix tragedy and comedy in a manner inspired by classic absurdism, while often incorporating music, technology, and physical theater.  Early defining events include our Havel Festival and our Ionesco Festival, in which we produced their full works (with the participation and attendance of President Havel and with Ionesco’s daughter, Marie-France, respectively).  Though we now produce only original work, their responses to the absurd and terrifying moments of their history are a continuing inspiration as we try to navigate a contemporary response to our time.  Our most recent show, The Marriage of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein, received a Critic’s Pick from the chief critic of the New York Times.


January 5, 2019 – March 3, 2019





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