Hurricane Sleep – Performers

the box collective / IATI Theatre
New York, NY 10023

Job Details


The box collective (, who have premiered work The New Ohio, John Drew Theatre Lab Guild Hall, UnitedSolo, Dixon Place and various galleries during the Milan Expo and Venice Biennale are seeking submissions for a workshop for their next project. The project will be devised with the ensemble. Specifically seeking actors with strong movement skills and comfortable singing.

SYNOPSIS Hurricane Sleep is a story of fleeing and finding, of what we hold onto and what remains when we are forced to let go. Outside is a hurricane.  Sal finds herself in a flooded bodega where she meets Ome and a host of other New York characters fleeing the storm. Between boxed wine, ayahuasca and maybe a seance, it is disaster that brings us closer together and true intimacy is found when we least expect it.   

The piece pours itself out like water, crafted so that words drop from the piece with each performance, replaced by movement and gesture until only the last essential words remain. Join us for one performance or for the entire journey of disintegration.


SAL: female identifying, early 20s, a girl trying to understand who she is and where she is. Someone lost in the ocean. She is curious,but tends to avoid confronting the dark parts of herself and her many fears until she realizes the only way forward is surrender. Stong mover and comfortable singing.

OME: female identifying, early 20s – African-American, Caribbean, Native American or mixed race – she is a survivor, all about action, she is connected to the primal and the darkness. She is everything to Sal–her waking up and her destruction. Throughout the play she pushes SAL to step into her fears. Strong mover and comfortable singing.

BEER PONG BOY: Male 20s, a college guy – someone who helps Sal make a choice. They develop an unexpected friendship from the past that exists and evolves in the present.


Workshopping begins in second week of January 2019 until end of March 2019. | 1 weekday evening and 1 weekend daytime rehearsal per week.


We will be applying for an Equity Showcase Code for a co-production in the Spring at IATI Theater. Full-time rehearsals for Showcase production begin first week of April 2019 (includes evenings and some days; schedule to be discussed prior to offer). Opens May 3 – 12 in NYC (preview on May 2nd).


January 15, 2019 – May 12, 2019


$100 workshop/$500 showcase stipend