New Stage Theatre 2019 season – NYC appointments

New Stage Theatre
Jackson, MS

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Notice: Submission

Guest Artist
$585 weekly minimum (Tier III)

Directed by Randy Redd (SPQ)
Artistic Director – Francine Thomas Reynolds

SWEET POTATO QUEENS is March 13 – March 24, 2019
SWEAT is April 23 – May 5, 2019
BRIGHT STAR is May 28 – June 16, 2019

Some auditioning on December 29, 2018 and more auditioning in January TBA. Actors will be contacted after submission materials are received.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

New Stage Theatre is seeking actors for its upcoming productions of
SWEET POTATO QUEENS Musical by Rupert Holmes, Melissa Manchester and Sharon Vaughn,
SWEAT by Lynn Nottage and,
BRIGHT STAR by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell.

SWEET POTATO QUEENS is a high- powered musical that tells the story of Jill and her closest friends and how they learn to grab life by the sequins, feathers and tiaras to live their lives on their own terms…as big as a parade! Based on the wildly-successful books by Jill Conner Browne.



JACKSON JILL: 30s/40’s. Inventor of the Sweet Potato Queens. 40s, must be a strong singer and dynamic performer. Mezzo-Soprano

TYLER: 30s/40s, Jill’s “good-looking-and-knows-it” husband. Baritone

MAMA: 50’s. can play older and younger. Jill’s live-in mom. Mezzo-Soprano


Cynthia: 45/53, Angling for a job that will take her off the floor and into management. Has split things off with Brucie for his drinking, proud of her son Jason.

Oscar:22/30, Barback at Stan’s bar, no one really pays attention to him as he goes about handling his business.

Jason: 21/29,Young worker at the factory, friend of Chris. Tracey, his mom, locked him out of the house at 21. Has his eyes on a Harley that he is strangely attracted to.


ALICE MURPHY Female, early 30s – 40, an editor of a southern literary magazine; intelligent, attractive, professional–but with an air of melancholy. The same actress will also play Young Alice at age 16. Must be very strong singer and comfortable in folk and bluegrass styles. Vocal range: Very strong singer with a wide vocal range.

BILLY CANE Male, early 20s, a soldier returning home from WWII; an aspiring young writer; strong actor who is also a strong, athletic dancer, able to partner and lead a production number. Vocal range: Bright, natural Bari-Tenor.

JIMMY RAY DOBB Male, 30 – 35. The same actor will play Jimmy Ray in his early 20s in flashbacks: Mayor Dobbs’ son and young Alice’s beau; handsome, boyishly charming, well-built, and intelligent; The same actor will also play an adult Jimmy
Ray at age 40. Vocal range: Very strong singer in a pop- folk style. Bari-Tenor.

Interested actors should submit photo and resume to [email protected] and put the character they are auditioning for in the subject line. Actors should indicate if they are available to audition on Saturday, December 29, 2018. Song should be prepared for musical auditions.

Deadline: 12/29/2018

[email protected]



Audition Information

Minors must be accompanied by an adult