Sierra Repertory Theatre 2019 Season – Sonora EPA Day 1 of 2 (01.10.19)

Sierra Repertory Theatre
Sonora, CA

Job Details


Call Type: EPA

Minimum – $496/wk

Producing Artistic Director: SCOTT VIETS

See Breakdown.


An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Actors/Singers for our 2019 season.


Roles not listed have been cast.

1st Rehearsal: 1/14/19, Open: 2/8/19, Close: 3/23/19

ZACH: Male, 30s-40s. Brilliant, driven director-choreographer; still a strong dancer. Charismatic with a commanding speaking voice and personality; incisive, curious, in control. Strong actor who dances.

CASSIE: Female, 32. Former featured dancer on Broadway, now auditioning for a chorus job after trying an acting career in Los Angeles. Lovely, vulnerable actress with a strong voice. Phenomenal dancer for “The Music and the Mirror” solo.

1st Rehearsal: 2/25/19, Open: 3/14/18, Close: 3/23/19

SCOT: Tenor I: Approx. Vocal Range: D – Bb (F#); Very Strong Falsetto –sings the very high Beach Boy-style ‘wah-oohs’ throughout the show. Plays live acoustic guitar on “Used To Be.” Sings lead/secondary on: “Hot Rod Queen,” “Mother Road,” “Used To Be,” “Beep Beep,” “Truck Stop Cutie,” “The Long Red Line,” “Diesel On My Tail,” “The Little Old Lady From Pasadena,” “Hey Little Cobra.”

ANDY: Tenor II: Approx. Vocal Range: C – G (Db); Also Strong Falsetto – sings the falsetto parts when Scot is singing lead. Sings lead/secondary on: “Every Woman I Know,” “Mother Road,” “Tulsa Straight Ahead,” “Long Tall Texan,” “Don’t Haul Bricks On 66,” “Dead Man’s Curve,” “GTO.” Plays the waitress in “Truck Stop Cutie.

BRANDON: Bari-tenor/Bass: Approx. Vocal Range: (A) B – E (with strong G); Sings low trucker songs, many solos in tenor range. Sings lead/secondary on: “Let’s Go For A Ride,” “Girl On the Billboard,” “Beep Beep,” “Rolaids, Doan’s Pills and Preparation H,” “Gallop to Gallup,” “Diesel On My Tail,” “Highway Patrol,” “SS 396.”

MICHAEL: Baritone/Bass: Approx. Vocal Range: G – F; Vocally sings bass line, most solos are in bari-tenor range. Sings lead/secondary on: “Bring My Cadillac Back,” “Used To Be,” “Six Days On The Road,” “Oklahoma Hills,” “Truck Drivin’ Man,” “Don’t Haul Bricks On 66,” “King Of The Road,” “Move Out Little Mustang.” Plays the little old lady from Pasadena.

1st Rehearsal: 4/18/19, Open: 4/25/19, Close: 5/18/19

CHRISTINA: Mid 60s, white; Joanna’s mother, runs the Drayton Gallery.

MATT : late 60s, white; Joanna’s father and the publisher of San Francisco newspaper The Guardian.

JOHN PRENTICE: John Prentice: mid 30s, black; a medical research doctor who is renowned in his field and worked in the same hospital as Joanna.

JOHN PRENTICE SR: early 60s, black; John’s father who works as a schoolteacher.

MARY PRENTICE: late 50s, black; John’s mother who works as a department store clerk.

1st Rehearsal: 5/6/19, Open: 5/30/19, Close: 7/20/19

DOROTHY GALE: female, 13-25 (Mezzo/Mix) Young Kansas girl, earnest, expressive, and strong-willed, in search of something more. Very strong singer who moves well.

HUNK / SCARECROW: male, 25-45 (Baritone) Plucky and clever in a pinch, even while lacking a brain. Strong actor with an honest quality. Excellent dancer – acrobatic skills a bonus. Strong baritone to F.

HICKORY / TIN MAN: male, 25-45 (Baritone/Tenor) Desperate for a heart. A kind-hearted romantic. Singing and dance required. Strong baritone / tenor to G.

ZEKE / COWARDLY LION: male, 25-45 (Baritone) A mix of bravado and cowardice. Should move well. Cuddly actor with excellent comic timing. Vocal range: Strong baritone to F.

ALMIRA GULTCH / WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST: female, 25-60. Character villain with an over-the-top stage presence. Excellent comic actress, has a killer cackle. Sings comically but doesn’t have to sound good.

1st Rehearsal: 6/17/19. Open: 7/4/19, Close: 8/3/19

Women 1 – 25 -45 plays multiple roles, extremely good vocal artist, as the songs feature lots of close harmonies, a cappella singing and quite a wide vocal range, soprano range (low A to top Bb).

Women 2 – 25 -45 plays multiple roles, extremely good vocal artist, as the songs feature lots of close harmonies, a cappella singing and quite a wide vocal range, alto range (low F# to Db).

Man 1 – 25 – 45 plays multiple roles, extremely good vocal artist, as the songs feature lots of close harmonies, a cappella singing and quite a wide vocal range, baritone / tenor ranges (middle C to high G#).

Man 2 – 25 – 45 plays multiple roles, extremely good vocal artist, as the songs feature lots of close harmonies, a cappella singing and quite a wide vocal range, baritone / tenor ranges (middle C to high G#).

1st Rehearsal: 8/5/19, Open: 8/22/19, Close: 9/14/19

Female. 70-80s. A long-time resident of the Bristol Place Assisted Living Facility for Seniors. Sharp-tongued, strong-willed and usually cranky; intensely private — would love nothing more (quite literally) than to have a private room.

Female. 70-80s. A new resident in the Assisted Living Facility and shares a room with Abby. Warm, pleasant, fun-loving. A fan of silly bets. Competitive, but kind.

1st Rehearsal: 8/26/19, Open: 9/19/19, Close: 10/26/19

EMCEE: Master of Ceremonies at the Kit Kat Klub Vocal Range – Middle C to High C# – Tenor The host at the Kit Kat Klub – presented as a gender-questionable character comfortable with being close to both men and women – comedic – loveable. Requires agile stage movement and dance. Age range and appearance flexible. Speaks with a German Accent.

SALLY BOWLES: A British Cabaret singer at the Kit Kat Klub Vocal Range – Low A to High C – Soprano – Strong Belt A quirky character that comes across as flighty – yet at times struggles with knowing the darkness of the reality of her life as a cabaret performer. Comfortable with stage movement and light dance Age Range 20s to 30s. Speaks with a British Accent.

CLIFF BRADSHAW: An American novelist and English teacher traveling to Berlin Vocal Range – Low A to High E – Tenor Presented as a closeted gay man exploring his sexuality. Comfortable with stage movement and light dance Age range Late 20s to Mid 30s. Speaks with an American accent.

FRAULEIN SCHNEIDER: A landlady who rents rooms in her large flat Vocal Range – Low D to Ab above middle C – Alto Comfortable with stage movement and light dance – waltz. Age range 50+. Speaks with a German accent. Herr Schultz – One of Fraulein Schneider’s roomers and the proprietor of a Fruit Shop. Vocal Range – Low G to High F – Tenor Comfortable with stage movement and light dance. Age Range 50+. Speaks with a German accent. F

1st Rehearsal: 9/30/19, Open: 10/24/19, Close: 12/14/19

DANNY ZUKO: Male, High School Teen(Range: tenor, D4– B5) The leader of the Burger Palace Boys; good-looking, strong and confident, with an air of easy-going charm

SANDY DUMBROWSKI: Female, High School Teen (Range: Soprano, A3–F#5) New girl in town; sweet, wholesome, naive, cute, and innocent

BETTY RIZZO: Female, High School Teen (Range: Alto A3– C5) Leader of the Pink Ladies; tough, sarcastic and outspoken but vulnerable

1st Rehearsal: 11/4/19, Open: 11/21/19, Close: 12/21/19

BETTY: Female, 40-59. One of the three “bottle blonde narrators.” Tough. Has seen it all. Vocal range: G below mid C to 2nd E above mid C.

DARLENE: Female, 20-39 the “scrooge” of the trailer park. A vocal powerhouse. Has amnesia. Vocal range: low A to Eb.

RUFUS: Male, 20-39 an unassuming romantic redneck with a heart of gold. Vocal range: low A to high G.

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Audition Information


Sierra Repertory Theatre
13891 Mono Way
Sonora, CA 95370-8864

Rehearsal Studio (on-site) – East Sonora theatre

Thursday, January 10, 2019
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


2 contrasting monologues (classic/contemporary – dramatic/comedic). If interested in musicals, 2 contrasting songs (uptempo/ballad), bring sheet music in the correct key

Minors must be accompanied by an adult