UPDATE: Need Folks with CArs: 4 Caucasian looking men and 1 Caucasian looking Females

Possible 2 Day Call Tuesday 12-18 & Wednesday 12-19 Must be available for RECALL

Non Union Only
Must be registered with Central Casting
Works 2 days @ Warner Bros 5:30am

AJ & the Queen is the show. Brand New Faces OR if you haven't worked on the show for 1 MONTH (4 weeks) (31 days)

Mariann is taking submissions for very pure, plain, wholesome religious looking men and women. No one flashy or hip/trendy. WITH CARS NO White or GREEN. Every other color is fun.

NO tattoos! NO SCRUff on Men. NO Long Hair on Men!

18tlyer to 60s.

Please send a selfie (I will skip your submission if you do not send a recent selfie) with your phone # and full name ALSO the year make and model of your car to: mariannlsubmissions@centralcasting.com

Title it: CARS