Lake Dillon Theatre Company 2019 Season – Silverthorne EPA/ECC Singers (12.20.18)

Lake Dillon Theatre Company
Silverthorne, CO

Job Details


Call Type: EPA

Minimum – $479/wk

Christopher Alleman – Artistic Director
Kevin Carson – Production & Company Manager

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An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Cast for our 2018 Season: The Cake, Tell Me on a Sunday, Mamma Mia, Every Brilliant Thing, Barefoot in the Park,
Tiny Beautiful Things.


The Cake
1st Rehearsal: 3/4/19, Runs: 3/15/19 – 3/31/19

Della: 50’s, Caucasian. Pleasant, round, with a mass of big curly hair.

Jen: Early 30’s, Caucasian. With a wedding binder, who has dreamt of her wedding day her whole life.

Macy: Early to Late 30’s, African American. Jen’s reluctant fiancè.

Tim: Late 50’s, Caucasian. Della’s husband. A good ol’ boy.

Tell Me on a Sunday
1st Rehearsal: 5/20/19, Runs: 6/1/19 – 6/23/19

The Girl: Female, 20’s – mid 30’s, All Ethnicities. Young lady, newly arrived to New York, brimming with optimism as she sets out to seek success. Strong singer, actor. Some movement.

Mamma Mia
1st Rehearsal: 6/11/19,
Runs, 6/28/18 – 8/11/19

Donna Sheridan: 40’- early 50’s, All Ethnicities. Belter; after having her daughter (Sophie) at a young age, Donna started working at a Taverna on a remote Greek Island. She now owns and operates that Taverna. She is the former lead singer of Donna and the Dynamos.

Sophie Sheridan: 18+, All Ethnicities. Pop soprano with a strong belt/mix. Upon finding her Mother’’s (Donna) old diary, Sophie discovers she may have three possible dads and is determined to have her father walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

Harry Bright: 40’- early 50’s, All Ethnicities. High baritone/tenor; One of Sophie’’s possible fathers. Formerly known as ‘‘Head Banger,’‘ he is now a banker. Plays the guitar. British.

Bill Austin: 40’- early 50’s, All Ethnicities. Baritone. One of Sophie’’s possible fathers. A writer and adventurer.

Sam Carmichael: 40’- early 50’s, All Ethnicities. Baritone. One of Sophie’’s possible fathers. An American architect.

Tanya: 40’- early 50’s, All Ethnicities. Strong belter. One of Donna’’s best friends and a former member of Donna and the Dynamos. She is recently divorced from her third husband and preparing for her fourth plastic surgery.

Rosie: 30-45, All Ethnicities. Strong belter. Donna’’s other best friend and the third member of Donna and the Dynamos. Unmarried and carefree. She owns the ‘‘New Woman Bookstore,’‘ a new age book seller.

Sky: 18+, All Ethnicities. Early 20’s; tenor. Sophie’’s fiancé; romantic and athletic.

Ali & Lisa: 18+, All Ethnicities. Early 20’s; strong belters and dancers. Sophie’’s two best friends and bridesmaids at her wedding. Intelligent, loving, and extremely loyal.

Pepper & Eddie: 18+, All Ethnicities. Early 20’s, strong singers and dancers. Sky’’s two best friends and groomsmen at his wedding. They work at Donna’’s Taverna. Adventurous, sexually charged, and devil may-care.

Ensemble: 18+, All Ethnicities. All ages; strong singers and dancers. Islanders and weddings guests. Ensemble members should be quirky and off beat. Diverse actor/singers with a strong contemporary rock/pop sensibility.

Every Brilliant Thing
1st Rehearsal: 8/6/19, Runs: 8/16/19 – 9/8/19

Actor: 20-40, All Ethnicities. There is only one actor, any gender, any race, but just one. Probably in their 20s or 30s. The actor who is cast must be charming, engaging, warm. The actor must be equally adept at comedy and drama. They must have the ability to draw an audience in with their honesty and their storytelling, to make an audience feel at home. Experience and expertise in improvisation with others would be a vital advantage.

Barefoot in the Park
1st Rehearsal: 8/20/19,
Runs: 8/30/19 – 9/22/19

Corie Bratter: 20-30, African American. A carefree young newlywed, busily trying to set up and decorate the new home she shares with her husband, Paul.

Paul Bratter: 25-35, All Ethnicities. Corie’s husband, a young lawyer with a dry wit who likes to stay in his comfort zone.
Ms. Ethel Banks: 40-69, African American. Corie’s cautious mother who is willing to endure anything for her daughter, even a strange escapade around New York City.

Mr. Victor Velasco: 40-69, All Ethnicities. The Bratters’ eccentric, bohemian neighbor who lives in the attic of the brownstone, just above their apartment.

Telephone Man: 30-65, All Ethnicities. A good-humored man who makes observations on everyday life and relationships as he installs and fixes telephones.

Delivery Man: 45-65, All Ethnicities. An older man who brings wedding gifts sent to the Bratters – and is exhausted by all the flights of stairs leading up to the apartment.

Tiny Beautiful Things
1st Rehearsal: 11/18/19,
Runs: 11/29/19 – 12/15/19

Sugar: 40-49, All Ethnicities. Character is a writer; married mother of two children; by turns confident and flailing, positive and existentially sad, strong and deeply confused. Actor should be truly funny, smart, highly articulate, dexterous and nimble with language. Actors of all races /ethnicities and gender identities are sought and strongly encouraged to submit.

MALE LETTER WRITER # 1 — Age, gender and ethnicity are open. This person first appears when he emails Sugar with the offer of the job as an online advice columnist, and later appears as several Letter Writers, including women. Most notably he plays someone who repeatedly trolls Sugar online by signing off as WTF, and a father who has lost his 22 year old son in a car accident.

FEMALE LETTER WRITER — Age, gender and ethnicity are open. This person plays a variety of Letter Writers of many ages, including an assortment of males. Most notably, she plays a woman dealing with the after effects of a miscarriage, plus Sugar’s mother who appears in flashbacks.

MALE LETTER WRITER # 2 — Age, gender and ethnicity are open. This person plays a variety of roles, including women. Most notably he plays a transgender person in search of an answer about family, plus someone who is unsure about maintaining a relationship with a narcissist father.

By appointment only. Please send a headshot and resume to [email protected]



Audition Information


Lake Dillon Theatre
460 Blue River Parkway
Silverthorne, CO 80498

The Silverthorne Performing Arts Center

Thursday, December 20, 2018
9:00 AM -5:00 PM

Lunch: 1:00PM – 2:00PM


For Musicals – Please prepare with 32 bars of music in a pop / rock style ala Mamma Mia. An accomapnist will be provided For Plays – Please prepare a 60 second contemporary monologue

Minors must be accompanied by an adult