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Honest Accomplice Theatre
Brooklyn, NY 11218

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We create original theater and media that seeks to expand the way women and trans people are seen by others and by themselves.  We do this by exploring topics that are often silenced, seen as shameful, or portrayed as one-dimensional, and through our work seek to drive individual acceptance and incite community dialogue about issues pertaining to woman and trans people.  To increase our impact and reach as many people as possible, we tour to community centers, universities, high schools, and senior centers, and make our videos free online — continuing the dialogue with an ever-growing number of people.


Wednesday December 19, 4-8pm in Manhattan.

Please email [email protected] a headshot/resume along with a letter detailing your interest in the project(s).

People with disabilities, people of size, LGBTQIA individuals, people of color, and people over 40 encouraged to submit for all roles.

1. CHIP ON HER SHOULDER (working title)

“A Chip On Her Shoulder” (working title) is a devised/docu-drama investigating the experiences of cis-women, trans people, and other minorities in the field of engineering and stimulates the conversation of what it means to be a visible and/or invisible identity in the field. Engineers impact our homes, our transportation, our food, and almost every advance we experience in our ever changing world, yet only 14% of engineers are women. The script is made up of both verbatim and devised material and we are seeking performers for both aspects of the show.

-Rehearsals Jan 5 – March 17, 2019
-Tech March 18-20, 2019
-Performances: March 21-24, 2019
-Future tour bookings: possible dates April 2019, Fall 2019 and beyond 

-Winter rehearsals and March performances : $250
-Future tour engagements: $75-$150 per booking

– Trans Feminine Actor to play Non-Fictional Trans Woman Engineer in A Chip on Her Shoulder (working title):
Script is completely verbatim monologues about Saje’s experience as a Systems Engineer coming out to her co-workers. Saje is dynamic, smart, and funny. Monologues span from before and after she comes out as trans at work. Actor will work with script and interview recordings to match Saje’s voice and spirit. Seeking an actor who understands Demi-girl identity. Part is open to trans and non-binary actors

-Cis-Woman or Trans/GNC Person of Color to Join Devising Team
We are also seeking a cis-woman or trans/GNC person of color to join the devising team of A Chip on Her Shoulder. They will work with a group of 7 other performers to create scenes based on individuals working in the field of engineering. Characters may explore issues such as imposter syndrome, being tokenized as a ‘model minority,’ sexual harassment, the joys of engineering, being out at work, mentorship and more. Devising experience and prior knowledge about engineering not necessary (but a plus if you have it). Must be highly collaborative with a willingness to learn about and work with an inclusive group of people, ages 20-70 from a variety of backgrounds.  


The Trans Literacy Project is a free videos series created and produced by Honest Accomplice Theatre to provide communities with an accessible education about trans experiences, from the perspective of trans people.  Addressing topics such as pronoun usage, acceptable questions, and how to be an ally, the series is a valuable resource for trans people to both ease the burden of education, and create a space to explore issues facing the trans community.  HAT surveyed hundreds of people to find the topics most trans people wanted to cover, and learn what our allies wanted to hear about. See current episodes here:

– Filming various episodes late Jan – July.  Filming typically lasts 1-2 days. 

-Film actors paid small stipend and travel is reimbursed
-Education facilitators paid $75-$125 per session depending on location/size. 


– Trans People and Gender Non-Conforming People (anywhere on the gender spectrum) from all backgrounds for the Trans Literacy Project:
We are looking for Trans and GNC people to collaborate on the Trans Literacy Project video series created by trans and GNC ensemble members of Honest Accomplice Theatre. You should be a dynamic individual interested in collaborating with other trans folx on this educational series created to provide communities with an accessible education about trans experiences, from the perspective of trans people.  We are looking for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to perform in the videos as well as potentially participate in educational sessions with colleges, non-profits, corporations and more. No previous film or acting experience necessary, only a willingness to be on camera and an interest in education.


January 5, 2019 – October 1, 2019



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